Audacity - alpha version only?


I tried to install Audacity from Flathub. However, the version installed was a 2.3.3-Alpha, despite the branch being marked Stable in “flatpak list”.

Is there a way to get a usable released version? Thanks!

Where do you see this?

Here I have Audacity org.audacityteam.Audacity 2.3.3 stable flathub system, and I checked, it is this release that is built:

I fixed it, upstream added the git tag before the release.

Unfortunately the fix is not in yet.

I did:

flatpak install flathub org.audacityteam.Audacity

then after the installaton:

flatpak run org.audacityteam.Audacity

Audacity started, I looked in Help>About and saw: Audacity 2.3.3-alpha-Nov 24 2019

The tarball seems to have changed. The new build hasn’t been published yet. It really should be fixed by then (I was about to submit the same)