Bitwarden autostarting and downloading in backgound at boot

After installing bitwarden, on the next boot It started on the background, despite being configured not to do so, and started to download something; no prompt, no icon on the system bar. I terminated and uninstalled it
The package is made by “8bit Solutions LLC”, not bitwarden inc, this behavior removed all trust I had on this flatpak, I’ll use the appimage instead.
Kind regards.

8bit Solutions LLC is part of Bitwarden. Check Bitwarden’s Terms of Service or impressum.

But the package is not made by Bitwarden / 8bit Solutions, it’s made by Flathub contributors:

This wrapper is not verified by, affiliated with, or supported by 8bit Solutions LLC.

But you can check what’s happening to create the Flathub release (see the manifest). It’s simply the official release repackaged with the required dependencies.

Concerning your issues I can’t say anything. I don’t see any wrong behaviour on my machine.

I also have bitwarden installed from flathub and have never seen this happening. You might want to open an issue in the repo.