Blurry Flatpak Chromium browsers when enabling native Wayland mode in a HiDPI device

It happened on Fedora Silverblue and OpenSUSE MicroOS.

A few days ago, the Chromium browsers (Flatpak Brave and Edge) on my HiDPI laptop suddenly looked blurry. After the investigation, I found --ozone-platform-hint=auto that enabled native Wayland mode was the culprit. I enabled native Wayland mode for years and never had any problem before.

I’m wondering did some else also encounter the same issue? Would it be any recent runtime change that might cause the bug?

Yes, have seen this in Edge (Flatpak) and Chromium (Arch). I suspect this upstream bug is the culprit: 1443144 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

Thanks for the reply. It was fixed for a while but broken again in the most recent update… Chromium still treats Wayland as second-class citizen which is unfortunate to see.