Btrfs subvol to exclude flatpak applications

Hi, I use Btrfs on my system, I would like to avoid including flatpak applications in snapshots, so that a restore does not make me lose the installed applications / updates after the snapshot.
I think I succeeded, can someone confirm that just exclude the /var/lib/flatpak folder?
Thank you

UUID=b383c3a8-39dd-4edd-98e1-0217a87d266a /var/lib/flatpak btrfs defaults,noatime,compress=zstd:1,autodefrag,subvol=@varlibflatpak 0 0

emanu@emanuc:~$ ls /var/lib/flatpak
app appstream exports repo runtime

if you never install anything with --user then yes, that should be enough.

Thank you for answering
In that case, I think with –user the applications go to the home, right? In this case I also have the subvol of the home and therefore it’s fine.
I have tried and it actually works well: snapshot> flatpak install telegram-desktop> snapshot restore, I still have telegram up and running.
thank you.