Building a store app


I have recently bought a Chrome OS device to do some tinkering and testing.

It has Play Store, which is a great help for non tech users. It also has the Linux subsystem which is great for running full-featured apps.

I have tried to install the Flatpak and was not successful. The instructions provided do not seem to work (Step 2 provides me with errors in the terminal). I am not a Linux expert and all I wanted to install is LibreOffice and possible Edge.

What I would like to see from Flathub is a simple store app which, after installation, opens basically the hub site (possibly as PWA) and then allows installation with a single click.

Why: many users coming over from Windows are used to installing apps from a store. I would really like to see the barrier lowered to install Linux apps on a Chromebook.

Note: Maybe I am biased and/or too dumb to work with Linux. But I like the idea of Flathub and am trying to suggest how to make it more usable to many more non-tech users.

There are already a lot of Software centers which supports Flatpaks e.g. Gnome Software