Cura 5.5 *** stack smashing detected ***: terminated

I am running Linux Mint 21.2 x86_64 and I install the latest Cura 5.5 Flatpak. I am getting the following error message when trying to launch Cura from CLI (flatpak run com.ultimaker.cura).

*** stack smashing detected ***: terminated
/app/bin/ line 2: 3 Aborted (core dumped) /app/cura/AppRun “$@”

Can anyone help with this error?

You might want to report at Issues · flathub/com.ultimaker.cura · GitHub

For what it’s worth, it starts fine for me on latest fedora

Do you have old nvidia gpu? There is known issue on linux mint: Several flatpak applications, on operating systems with Nvidia GPU and 390-157 driver, with "org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.nvidia-390-157" runtime, don't launch. (#1676) · Issues · freedesktop-sdk / freedesktop-sdk · GitLab

The only workaround is to move to noveau driver.

I do have it working on another PC and it runs perfectly. I think you are correct in your assessment. I am using an older Nvidia GPU with an older Nvidia driver.

Thanks for your help!!

I appears to be an older Nvidia GPU and driver is the problem.