Does using a flatpak avoid distro-specific issues? Needs some clarification

I was suggesting SignalApp take ownership of the unofficial flatpak. Someone commented:

the distro running in the background doesn’t matter

That’s not entirely true; you can still have distro-specific issues, or problems with things being different due to the window manager used, etc. It makes it so that packaging your app is straightforward, but that is only part of the picture.

It’s the same as how using Electron makes it easier to be cross-platform, but there are still plenty of issues because of differences in OS.

Link to my post or query: Taking ownership of Signal Flatpak? - General Discussion - Signal Community

Need some clarifications of how much of this is true or false or a little bit of both.

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I’m not aware of distro-specific issues.

Things being different due to wayland vs xorg is a thing.

I’m also not aware of issues due to window managers, that are not caused by that window manager (e.g. them deciding to not show/have the notification interfaces needed). But that’s not a flatpak problem.

So yeah, there are certain things you would need to test with xorg and wayland, but with the electron apps I maintain, I have never had to touch this, after initially setting it up. Which has already been done for signal.