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Project information:

Name: Laszlo Toth
Homepage: laszlo,.a.toth@googlemail.com
Upstream has been contacted:
Dear All,
I have several CDs, DVDs that i wna to be registered and searched by content. Can you please suggest me one? Thanks.

@laszloatoth, this is not the purpose of the Request as stated in the main page:

Request: “Topics here show which projects users are interested in being flatpak’d. Anyone is free to help with a request. There is no guarantee they will be fulfilled.”

I would also not recommend putting your personal e-mail in some place visible to anyone, unless necessary. I suppose it’s a personal e-mail.

And sorry, but I don’t know how I can help you any further, but here some options:

  • See if in https://flathub.org/ there’s an app that can help you
    • If after this search you’re in doubt of something related to flathub or flatpak you can ask in General
  • Web search it
  • Check if your distro have a forum so you can ask them if they know some solution available in their repository or third party repos.