Expected reviewers, times and update priorities

20 days ago I sent a pretty simple PR to update an app to GNOME 3.36 runtime.

I know we are all volunteers… but I’m just wondering who is supposed to review the PRs, what’s the expected review time, how to prioritize PRs (you know, GNOME 3.34 runtime is end-of-life).


The same issue exists for openjdk8:
#9: Add 20.08 branch
#10: Update branch/19.08 to new releases

And I’ve read in discussions that some users are under the impression, that applications for Flatpak/from Flathub are not regularly updated.

Each app on Flathub is maintained by a different set of people. Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge there is no visible list of the maintainers for each repo. Flathub admins are also technically able to merge changes in any repo, but they are few and the apps are many.

So by extension, this depends on the app.

You may want to contact Flathub admins for important issues, and/or perhaps to volunteer an app which seems unmaintained. (I don’t know if there is a formal process for this. I am not an admin.)

Well, there’s the list of contributors and you might guess from the history if they may be still active or not.

I guess my rule of thumb will be: be patient and ask Flathub admins to jump in only when there’s no reaction from app maintainers in one month.