Flathub page has out-of-date icon

My app was updated today and published. It installs two icons called com.github.mysoftware.myapp.png and there is a screenshot for the Flathub page. I had previously updated all 3 and they are correct on GitHub, there are no other images on GitHub. The screenshot shown on the Flathub page for the app is correct, but the icon is still the old one. How does Flathub get its icon? There’s no mention of this in the documentation, so I’m guessing it’s from one of the 2 com.github.mysoftware.myapp.png, so how can I trigger an update to the Flathub page?

It should update fine with some time. Right now, there are some limitations due to how it’s parsed and managed in the backend.

It should fix itself, whenever we change the backend to libappstream.


No problem, so long as I know that it isn’t something that I’ve messed up. Thanks.

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It’s now up-to-date.