Flatpak duplication of Mesa and intel

I have 2 items in my flatpak list that are duplicated.

Mesa …desktop.Platform.GL.default 21.1.8 20.08 system
Mesa …desktop.Platform.GL.default 21.3.9 21.08 system
Intel …esktop.Platform.VAAPI.Intel 20.08 system
Intel …esktop.Platform.VAAPI.Intel 21.08 system

The “…” above are not decimals it is something else as the cursor cover all three decimals “…”. I did not install the 2 and I see no way there should be 2 with different versions. I cannot remove as attempting with wild cards gives the following
flatpak uninstall desktop
error: desktop/unspecified/unspecified not installed

Can anyone tell me what these files are and how to remove ?

they are not duplicated. One is for the 20.08 runtime the other if for the 21.08 runtime. (these are the branches, not the version) Either because you have apps that still use the old runtime, or because they were left over.

flatpak uninstall --unused will remove them if there is no runtime that uses them.

Note that beside org.freedesktop.Platform 20.08, the other runtime using 20.08 have been EOL for a bit. 20.08 will be EOL by the end of the month.

I have already tried the uninstall --unused but it does not recognize the mesa and Intel as unused. I consider them duplicate because they have the same name but different versions and there can’t be 2 different versions for the same name. You said org.freedesktop.platform 20.08 are EOL, what are they used for and where can I get information on this thing?

they are from two different branches, If you have GNOME 40 or 3.36, or KDE 5.15 runtimes (all 3 EOL) then it is used.