Freedesktop SDK 20.08 release candidate 1

Hello people,

We have released the first release candidate of Freedestkop SDK for 20.08. We hope that application developers can test this before we release.

The final release date is planned for 2020.08.31.

At this point we have frozen the ABI.

The release is available on flathub beta. In order to install Freedesktop SDK 20.08 release candidate 1, you can do the following:

flatpak remote-add flathub-beta

flatpak install flathub-beta org.freedesktop.Sdk//20.08beta org.freedesktop.Platform//20.08beta

You can verify the exact installed version with:

flatpak info org.freedesktop.Sdk//20.08beta

flatpak info org.freedesktop.Platform//20.08beta

It should show 20.08rc.1 for both.

If you use flatpak-builder, in the manifest of your application, change “runtime-version” to “20.08beta”. Then rebuild your application.

If you have issues with this new version you can report bugs to or ask for help

on #freedesktop-sdk on freenode.

NEWS file is available at