Freedesktop Sdk Extensions for DLang


I’d like to introduce a Sdk Extension for DLang compilers, probably for LDC since that has the best optimizations. I’m a little unsure how bootstrapping should be done though, since LDC needs a D compiler for bootstrapping itself and GDC doesn’t appear to be in the Sdk as of now. Would it be acceptable to download binaries from upstream to bootstrap from for the first bootstrap?

You will get the best answers on this by asking the Freedesktop Sdk team, either:

It seems @refi64 was working on DLang as well in the past:

It depends a bit on how you want to build your extension. The upstream freedesktop sdk is built using buildstream which then exports to a flatpak. You can also build extensions in flathub, like for instance the openjdk one is. That one does use a binary jdk to bootstrap the build. You can see here for the details:

Thanks, I’ve opened Add org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.ldc by Cogitri · Pull Request #1383 · flathub/flathub · GitHub now :slight_smile: