Help building Flatpak from folders and Wine

I saw a lot of discussions, but none of them helped with what I need.

There is this really good app caller FEMM ( I use it for Eng. It runs smooth with wine. However, there are some mods that are needed to be fully opperational.

From time to time, students asks me how to perform It. Despite of my repository and scripts, wouldn’t it be nice to have a flatpak?

I was able to create an AppImage, but I’m lost with flatpak. I just copied the instalation folder and after some tweaks, It worked. I was wondering if it was possible with flatpak as well.

Besides, after instalation, I need to point a folder inside flatpak in order to automate tasks with python.

Any help?

You will need flatpak-builder package to build flatpak from flatpak manifest (.yaml .json).

This is what the flatpak manifest look like.

then you can build and install flatpak from manifest with
flatpak-builder --install --force-clean --user build org.gnome.gThumb.yml

Once installed, the files should be in

Hi @Andy, thanks.
Since my first post I’ve studied and tried a lot of things. Finally I got a working solution.

Suggestions are really welcome.