How to find the package maintainer?

Quite often now I’ve encountered application problems that I’m suspicious are caused by Flatpak packaging, rather than inherent issues in the underlying software. Is there any way to identify and contact (and, ideally, raise packaging-specific issues for) package maintainers? Going through Flathub, it seems that packages are portrayed as being packaged and maintained by the underlying software developer, which I think is really not true in a lot of cases and is a dis-service to both the developer and the user. It should be made clear on the application page who has packaged the application (was it the original developer, or not?). There ought to be links on the application page to contact the application packager, and raise issues related specific to the package.

If you are viweing the app page on, look for “publisher” and click on “see details.” This will take you to the github repository for the flatpak package, which includes an issue tracker specifically for the flatpak package. The repository should be located at

The only exception right now is the Firefox flatpak, which is maintained upstream by Mozilla.

Ah thank-you very much! Yes that’s exactly what I thought was needed, I just didn’t see it!


Hi, I actually came on here to see how I could track down a publisher, as well

Using a new Silverblue installation, tried to set up com.dropbox.Client, apparently it’s caught in a time vortex because it’s complaining about my BTRFS filesystem. Dropbox hasn’t required only ext4 filesystem since 2018-2019. But when I pulled up the latest commit of the flatpak, it says it was today:

    Commit: 30d0b345ec043bdb4acab39c1184a9661db3e2eac5845becde0c4514d760c6be
    Parent: 2d62c0426e787071fcfbdf7cdefd23723464759eaf1e19707b1fc0c6c6fa82d9
   Subject: Update dropbox.tar.gz to 142.4.4197 (84dcc206)
      Date: 2022-02-16 11:11:05 +0000

There’s no publisher listed for the Dropbox client on flathub, when I click the link for details, it takes me to

Is the flathub bot is re-packing source code from 2018 over and over again?