Inappropriate Content (also: Where can people report apps?)

There is a game in the Flathub repository containing inappropriate content involving minors. This type of content should not be allowed on the platform in my opinion as it creates an unsafe environment for children. The premier app store for Linux should be a safe option for family PCs. This is unacceptable, and I would like to know how to contact someone who can fix it, or what step to take next.

I was also unable to find any more appropriate place to report this, which should also be improved. There should be a reporting, review, and removal process that is clearly accessible and easy to use. Otherwise the platform can be filled with disreputable software and the only thing a user sees is some 1 star reviews.

Instead of removing it, there could be a flatpak package rating system specifically just like Google play

Only access to the entire flathub is allowed by entering the user or parental control password

So I think that would help a lot, both for adults and children


According to the about Flathub page security or legal issues can be reported to the Flathub maintainers list. I understand it could be useful to have a “Report app” button or something, but right now reporting this game to the e-mail address seems like the way to go.

Games are usually age rated with a system called oars (Open Age Ratings Service) and this information is shown in Gnome Software, for example:

There is an opened issue about adding OARS information in but I don’t know when is going to be available


Regardless of the frontend store used, the appdata of the game also needs to indicate that it has inappropriate content. So a next step would be to propose a pull-request to this game adding the data.