Install Linux apps on Chromebook

This si My first time working with Linux , and recently buy a Lenovo Chromebook, and I realized that Linux apps can be installed on the Chromebook.

I did the entire instructions to install the flatpak And flathub but it give me an error when I try to install Spotify or steam app

Sudo flatpak install flathub com.spotify.Client

And then ask me: remote flathub found in multiple installations:
1 system
2 user
And wherever I choose say
Error: nothing matches com.spotify.Client in remote flathub

This happen with every app I try to install,

Your Chromebook is most likely ARM based (aarch64). But the applications you are trying to install (at least Spotify & Steam) are only available for AMD & Intel systems (x86_64). Take a look at Available Architectures on the application pages to see what is compatible with your system.

You can also filter the search at Search for '' | Flathub


If I look on the Lenovo website 2/3 of the chromebook run some sort of Intel.

So it’s hard to know if that’s the issue as the OP only said “Lenovo Chromebook” without specifying the model.