Installed apps from flathub doesnt reach ca- certification

I installed app from flathub but apps dont reach internet from ca certification and ssl. our network want custom certification. i install certification in /usr/local/share/ca-certificates.
Have flatpack ca certification repo and if has. How can i add certificate.

Not sure what your distro is, but maybe try to install these package with similar name as these…

@Andy , what do you mean by install please ?
It is not possible to write in /usr folder as it is owned by nfsnobody.
I have installed the certificates under /app/usr folder but the issue persists.
Any idea please ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

What distro did you use?

I am using Debian Bullseye.

try using
sudo apt search ca-certificates
and see if anything pop up

ca-certificates is already installed in my host machine and under /app/usr/local/share/certs/ for flatpak env.
The issue that the app wants to read the certificate located under /usr/local/share/certs/ but it is in read only and owned by nfsnobody
FYI - I can’t update the source code of the package - corporate solution.