Is the use of pip allowed?

I’m a Python Developer that uses PyQt/PySide for the GUI. I want to publish some of them on Flathub. I got just started with Flatpak. This is my manifest for all of my Apps:

app-id: org.flatpak.PySide
runtime: org.kde.Platform
runtime-version: '5.15'
sdk: org.kde.Sdk
command: myApp
  - --socket=x11
  - --socket=wayland
  - name: myApp
    buildsystem: simple
      - pip3 install --prefix=/app -r requirements.txt
      - python3 install --prefix=/app --optimize=1
          - --share=network
      - type: archive
        url: url_to_soucre
        sha256: checksum

This works for all of my apps. There are some problems with styling, that I need to solve, but it works. Here is my Question: Is it allowed to install all dependencies with pip instead of using Flatpack modules, when I want to add the Manifest to Flathub?

You need to add the dependencies to the manifest.

See that CAN help with it.

Some python modules need a bit more of hand holding. There are plentiful numbers of examples of python app on Flathub.

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