K3x is listed in Games

Hello folks. k3x is a “Manager for local Kubernetes clusters with k3d” (Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux), but is listed in the “Games” category.

I looked around in a lot of places and repos, and can not figure out on my own where to bring this up. I thought perhaps there was a metadata file somewhere I could submit a patch for, but I still don’t quite know how the category pages are produced.

My request is that k3x be reassessed for inclusion in the Games category, with a bonus side-request for knowledge on where that data lives. :slight_smile:

you should file the bug upstream. They provide the appdata that say it’s a game. Flathub use this.

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Ah, there it is! I had been looking in the wrong spot, somewhere like:

May I ask, is data the standard location for appdata? I will look to upstream if I find more suggested corrections, so if there are other places to look, I’d appreciate the heads up.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Submitted a patch:

Thanks @hub. :slight_smile:

The flatpak fixes:

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