Keeping a stable and a rolling branch for QGIS

I recently created a branch/stable to have the older version, with the intention of keeping the rolling versions on master.
I see my QGIS installed was automatically changed to the stable one. What would be the right way of doing this?

I assume the issue is that stable is the Flatpak branch name used for the Git master branch. IIRC @alex’s email suggested using the Git branch name branch/lts which would map to the Flatpak branch lts.

We have branch/lts and branch/stable now. Does anyone know how we make the lts version available in a way that flathub knows to build it?

branch/stable should have remained master. stable is the default Flatpak branch for this git branch. The build for branch/lts has failed due to wrong branch set in the manifest here:

It’s better not to define it at all and let buildbot figure out what is the proper value.

Creating a new app ID (e.g. org.qgis.qgis.LTR) would be a better choice imho. Only this way, you can use the apps in parallel comfortably, which I think some users would expect. VSCode insider builds do it this way:


@barthalion thanks, removed the branch/stable and removed the “branch” bit on the json files.

I don’t think using different versions side by side is what we are after here, that’s why I implemented it like this.