Kernel regression that breaks flatpak filechooser portals

Newer kernels break the file chooser portals in flatpaks. Any flatpak that doesn’t have a filesystem override (meaning host, home permissions etc) and uses portals to access files will freeze upon opening a file with the latest kernels 5.14.20 and above.

Kernels affected:
5.15.3 and above
5.14.20 and above

Kernels NOT affected:
5.14.18 and below
5.15.2 and below

See bug report linked below for instructions on how to reproduce:

Any help getting more attention to this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: If the flatpak you test has a filesystem permission it most likely isn’t affected by this bug! I’m talking about flatpaks that use portals to access files. Any file that is in a whitelisted filesystem defined in the flatpak would open just fine.