[New Tool]flathub-data-viewer

I made a new little Tool for Flathub: flathub-data-viewer. It shows a List of all Apps that meat a Criteria e.g all Apps that use the KDE SDK or all Apps that use a specific BaseApp.It’ more for the static nerds (like me). I was interested, how much specific Features are used across Flathub. But maybe other people will find it interesting too. It’s just plain HTML without any CSS, so don’t expect something good looking. The date are updated daily.


Thanks for making this!

Thx, this tool looks promising.

I spotted two issues with Extension list:

  1. *.Debug and *.Locale extensions are listed while they aren’t shareable between apps thus selecting them isn’t useful. Filtering them out would cut this noise
  2. org.freedesktop.SDK.Extension.* aren’t listed. I think there is only one such on the list while there are plenty on flathub.


The issue hapened with Apps who has a - in it’s id. It is now fixed. Thanks for reporting.

This List contains only Extension that are needed during runtime. The SDK extensions are only needed during buildtime. flathub-data-viewer uses the Flathub API, which doesnÄt contains this information. e.g. one of my Programs uses OpenJDK SDK Extension in it’s Manifest, but the API dis not mention it.