Octave not updated?

Hello! I’ve recently started to use GNU Octave (version 5.1.0 at the time of installation) and I got it through flathub. I’m running Peppermint 7 (an Ubuntu 16.04 based distro) on a 32 bit architecture. The issue is the following: although at https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.octave.Octave there’s an updated version (5.2.0), my system still shows version 5.1.0; when I try to update via flatpak update, I get the message that Octave is already the newest version (5.1.0)!! Has anyone had some similar issue with a flatpak app? Am I doing something wrong? (I also have a 64 bit machine running Peppermint 10 and there were no problems there - meaning that Octave was updated automatically). Thanks in advance for any insights.

i386 is no longer supported on Flathub, so nothing is built anymore for this architecture. (not sure where this is documented)

Oh! O.K. Thanks for the headsup.

Hi Slopes, I got the same issue. Actually what seems to happen is that the GUI is not there. If you start Octave with “flatpak run org.octave.Octave” you get a command line approach. If you run any script it should work. The question I have is how to get the GUI back. If you have any hint on this, appreciate if you could share it. Cheers

Hey AFnI. The problem is not the GUI (just type “flatpak run org.octave.Octave --gui”); the issue is that my system didn’t update to version 5.2.0 (according to hub’s reply, this is because 32 bit architectures are no longer supported by Flathub – you should have no such problem on 64 bit architectures). Regards.