org.kde.Platform on arm?

Idk if this is the right forum but has flatpak kde platform/sdk been discontinued for arm ? flatpak install flathub org.kde.Platform/arm/6.2 - doesn’t work

I’m building an application that is packaged in flatpak and uses qt6. One of our targets is raspberry pi (many of which still run 32 bit OSes)

I brought it up with the developer but was sent here - Qt6 on arm (#33) · Issues · Packaging / Flatpak KDE Runtime · GitLab

The armv7 support was dropped with Freedesktop SDK 20.08. On 19.08 it was supported until 2021:

It should be noted that the flatpak instructions for Raspberry Pi mention this.

See also:

That’s too bad. I think it’s going to take some time until most people migrate to 64 bits on the pi. Thanks for clarifying though …