Portals 1.16.0 release is out

After a small delay, I’m happy to announce that xdg-desktop-portal 1.16.0 is out. This is what happened in this release:

  • Introduce a new background monitoring service. This allows desktop environments to list applications that are running in background, that is, sandboxed applications running without a visible window. Desktop environments can display these background running applications in their interfaces, and allow users to control their execution.
  • Introduce the Global Shortcuts portal. This portal allows applications to register and receive keyboard shortcuts even when they’re not focused. This was a highly requested feature, especially on Wayland desktops. There are improvements to come, but portal backends can now implement this new portal.
  • Various CI improvements
  • Translation updates

We’ll need to focus on bugfixes, and proper testing of the global shortcuts portal now. Please report bugs as you find them