Problems with Flare-RPG on FlatHub

Hello Guys.

To start with, I am totally inexperienced with Linux.
I bought a chromebook and wanted to play it, installed linux, then flathub.
I chose Flare-RPG and installed it via Flathub. When I start a game from the menu via the icon Flare, the game does not start but I hear game sounds. When I do this from a terminal via flatpak run org.flarerpg.Flare it shows

INFO: Custom data path: “/app/share/games/flare/”
INFO: Flare 1.09.01 (Linux)
INFO: Active mods: default, fantasycore (1.09.01), empyrean_campaign (1.09.01)
INFO: MessageEngine: Using language ‘en’
INFO: InputState: No joysticks were found.
INFO: Using Render Device: SDLHardwareRenderDevice (hardware, SDL 2, wayland)
INFO: RenderDevice: 1 display(s), using display 0 (1366x768 @ 60hz)
xkbcommon: ERROR: Key “” added to modifier map for multiple modifiers; Using Mod3, ignoring Lock
INFO: RenderDevice: Internal render size is 640x480
INFO: RenderDevice: Window size is 640x480
INFO: RenderDevice: Fullscreen=0, Hardware surfaces=1, Vsync=1, Texture Filter=1
INFO: RenderDevice: Display DPI is 0.000000
INFO: SoundManager: Using SDLSoundManager (SDL2, pulseaudio)

** (process:973): WARNING **: 17:47:42.403: Error writing credentials to socket: Error sending message: Broken pipe

** (process:973): WARNING **: 17:47:42.427: Error writing credentials to socket: Error sending message: Broken pipe
INFO: GameStateCutscene: Loading cutscene ‘cutscenes/intro.txt’
INFO: GameStateCutscene: No scenes defined in cutscene file cutscenes/intro.txt

And the same there is just game sound…

Please help me , im totally noob :frowning: