[PSA] OBS Studio 27.0.0-rc1 from Flathub Beta on Wayland will require re-adding window and monitor captures


Recently, OBS Studio landed all the pull requests adding support for Wayland, and my plugin obs-xdg-portal was incorporated upstream. This was a great achievement for the community, and I’m sure it’ll enable many people to use this fantastic application :slight_smile:

However, due to the capture identifiers not matching, the ones from the plugin will stop working. Users of OBS Studio from Flathub Beta will need to re-add these captures.

I’d like to reassert that, as implied by the name, using any application from Flathub Beta is subject to this kind of breakage. Please please please always be careful when using beta applications.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance.


Hi @feaneron !

Thanks for all your work on OBS and everything else (read your Fedoramagazine interview recently :wink:)!

I use OBS as a flathub app, and I have re-added all my screen and window components in my scenes, but when I restart OBS it still asks me to reassign each capture.

Is there anything specific that must be done? (When I test on X.org I need to re-create the capture only once and then the captures are kept from one session to the other)

Remembering which monitor or window was selected is not supported yet. This feature was recently implemented, but it’s not released yet. You can read more about this here.

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I did read this one and I thought it was talking about monitors and windows. Thank you, apparently I read what I wanted to read the first time, so I’ll read it again and be more focused.