Questions on my first flatpak build


I wrote my first manifest and it works quite well. However I have some open questions:

  • How is the app version determined? I did not see any version information in manifests or app metadata. I also do not see any tags in the flathub app repos. How to do it? When I publish on Flathub, how do I push new versions?

  • When I run my app, which is Qt-based, I get the output: Qt: Session management error: Could not open network socket. Which permission am I lacking? I currently have:

    1. –socket=wayland
    2. –socket=fallback-x11
    3. –share=ipc
    4. –device=dri


The release version you see on Flathub or any Appstream compatible store uses an appdata or metainfo file which is an XML file that describes the application to a store. See

That’s because something somewhere in Qt tries to check if you have network access. If your app doesn’t need it, don’t add it. Otherwise it’s --share=network

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Thank you for your detailed answer. I did overlook the releases.

With the Qt session management, I have the problem that it slows down my app startup. Example output using 2>&1 | ts:

[2021-01-03 11:57:49] Running Belki 2.0 (bd18b2f) built 20210101
[2021-01-03 11:57:51] Qt: Session management error: Could not open network socket

The first line is printed at start of main(), and then Qt puts out the second line, and then the window is shown. When I run the app natively, the window is shown instantly.

Should I ask for network permission just for this?