Running flowblade 2.6

So I thought I give this flat thing a try to run flowblade 2.6 on linux mint 19.3 32bit
To my surprise I ended up with version 2.2. But the flathub site clearly states flowblade 2.6.2
I am a bit disappointed, guess I will have to go back to dependencies hell :slight_smile:

Flowblade 2.6 is not available for 32bits anymore, as well as the majority of the apps. What you have installed is an old build that’s still compatible with your machine.

Darn! Well, that explains it! I guess it’s time for a better linux laptop. That T2130 is getting a bit dated.
I guess I’ll give flowblade and this flathub thing a try in a windows virtualbox. I have not been following the linux developments in the past couple of years, but flathub looks very interesting :slight_smile: Thank for the reply.

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