Scilab Flatpak request

Project information: Open source software for numerical computation

Name: Scilab
License: GPLv2
Upstream has been contacted:


I tried.

But get stuck at

checking JAVA_HOME variable… not defined
checking for javac… no
configure: error: javac not found on PATH … did you try with --with-jdk=DIR

So I tried adding --with-jdk=/usr
but it still cannot find it.

I got scilab to see openjdk now.
Issue right now is I cannot build jgraphx because jgraphx use ant to build and ant say it cannot find java.

Building module jgraphx in /home/kev/Desktop/Software/Flatpak/org.scilab.Scilab/flathub/.flatpak-builder/build/jgraphx-10

Running: export JAVA_HOME=/app/java-8-openjdk:/app/jre
Running: chmod 644 docs/manual/images/mx_man_graph_analysis.jpg
Running: find -type f -name “*.jar” | xargs -t rm
rm ./lib/jgraphx.jar
Running: ant
We cannot run Java, please ensure you have Java installed.
We have tried to execute java but failed.
If you have installed Java in a unusual place you can set JAVA_HOME
to the directory containing the Java installation.
Error: module jgraphx: Child process exited with code 1

Did you try setting the prepend-path in build-options to find java binaries?

Thanks, that worked.

I have no luck to make scilab find jgraphx.

configure: error: Could not find or use the Java package/jar jgraphx used by Diagram design (looking for package com.mxgraph.view.mxGraph)

I tried to patch it with fix-jgraphx-not-found.patch, but I still can’t fix it.

Well, I gave up and just use binary now. It work fine.

sadly only on x86_64

it’s on flathub

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