Situation report - New Flathub website work, app verifications, logins, etc

I’ve had an implementation of that, but it’s very hard frontend wise, as there are a lot of addons on some of the apps.

With regard to donations, have you looked into discourse subscriptions? Might make sense to hit two birds with one stone and incorporate discourse into your donations/review strategy.

It’s an established codebase with a company paying >1 maintainers to actively maintain. Could be integrated into GNOME-Software and KDE discover with plugins, it would be accessible from the web with straightforward process for users to delete accounts. You could scale the moderation teams much better as well without having to necessarily share what IP address or distro someone is using.

Yeah I guess a paginated list would work best for that, with the option of filtering by keyword. Don’t know about the API or backend support for that though…