Software center does not show any app metadata when installing from a flatpak bundle


We are currently looking into using flatpak bundles as a means for users to install builds (as well as publishing in flathub). The bundle allows users to easily download and install a particular version of the software or a beta version that we don’t want available to all users but just a select few.

The bundle will also allow users to easily downgrade to a particular version should there be a regression for them in a particular update (shouldn’t happen often but unfortunately this is the nature of software development for users on many platforms and setups so does happen from time to time).

Howewer, if I double click a flatpak bundle it opens correctly in the software center (I’m using Ubuntu 21.04). I can install the app but all the metadata is missing which looks very broken from a user’s perspective. There are no screenshots, no licence information etc. Once installation completes though this information is then displayed. But I think from the user they would rather know this prior to installing.

Is this a known bug in the software center plugin for flatpak?

Kind regards,

Nicholas Allen