Spotify drop down menu

Hi guys

The drop down menu from Spotify gives me an issue.
When clicking on an option/feature the button underneath the drop down menu reacts :s

What do I do with this?


Might be that LXQt messes it up ^^
I have an other pc with LXQt installed which gives me the same result. (version 0.15.0)

Doesn’t look like a Flatpak/Flathub specific bug, you might want to ask in a LXQt forum if some user can reproduce your issue

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Thank you for your reply.
I will do just that.

Top of the morning,

I am seeing the same behavior running the Spotify client on Gnome on Arch; the drop down menu items are all non-responsive.

└─[0] <git:(master 9df5b2511650) > flatpak list          
Name                         Application ID                                Version                      Branch        Origin               Installation
Spotify                      com.spotify.Client                           stable        flathub              system
Freedesktop Platform         org.freedesktop.Platform                      18.08.39                     18.08         flathub              system
Freedesktop Platform         org.freedesktop.Platform                      20.08.6                      20.08         flathub              system
default                      org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default                                        20.08         flathub              system
html5-codecs                 org.freedesktop.Platform.html5-codecs                                      18.08         flathub              system
openh264                     org.freedesktop.Platform.openh264             2.1.0                        2.0           flathub              system
Aurora                       xyz.kusma.aurora                              1.0.0                        master        aurora-origin        system

I remember researching this problem some months ago. The way to use the menu items is to put the mouse over them and click on Enter with the keyboard. I think it was Wayland related issue.

arrow keys and enter work for me
I can finally adjust the music quality :smiley:

Are you a programmer who can fix this?

Only Spotify can fix it. It’s always have been a problem and is unrelated to Flatpak/Flathub.