Spotify showing a generic icon on task switcher

Hello! I don’t know if anyone is experiencing this kind of problem with flatpak from Spotify on Kubuntu 19.10 like I do, but I can’t see Spotify icon when calling task switcher. I’ve been using snap version so far but flatpak really works better with url links and stuff and now I reinstalled flatpak version and this little thing has really been bothering me. Any tips?

This is how it looks:

Oh… anyone can tell why snap is able to use media controls from native task manager on plasma and flatpak can’t? It only uses MPRIS widget instead.

Thanks in advance.

Não tenho a resposta mas sim um problema parecido em que o ícone do Spotify na dash me parece ser um aleatório.

I don’t have the answer but rather a similar problem where the Spotify icon on the dash seems to me to be a random one.Catura de tela de 2020-04-20 00-32-24

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