TeleSculptor, I did some initial work

Project information: Aerial Photogrammetry Application from Kitware, the same company that maintain cmake.

Name: TeleSculptor
License: BSD 3-Clause
Upstream has been contacted: Yes

I have been trying to flatpak TeleSculptor.
This is my latest attempt.

This is where I have been asking questions to the upstream on how to install TeleSculptor so I can apply it to Flatpak, I was met with many difficulties to package it.

In summary
It is difficult to flatpak TeleSculptor because it depend on many dependencies and custom patch for those dependencies.
TeleSculptor are normally build with kitware’s Fletch and Kwiver. Fletch is like a package manager that download and patch dependencies for there software what use Kwiver.

It is possible to build TeleSculptor without Fletch.

But Fletch might apply some patch that prevent normal dependencies to be installed correctly. Which Kwiver have issue with detecting Pybind11

Upstream suggest building TeleSculptor superbuild and use Flatpak to download dependencies archive and put it into TeleSculptor, that way, TeleSculptor will not need network connection to download dependencies. Using TeleSculptor to build Which I have attempted here, but not much progress.


It’s on flathub

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