The Hello Everyone Thread

Hi I’m Joel, I’m not an app developer nor do I play one on TV. I’m a 25yr + Sr. Systems & Network Engineer. (the guy that turns that orange light GREEN). I’m into Linux/Raspberry Pi OS & saw this “flatpack” stuff. I’m 1st here NOW. Getting this to work on my PI is my 1st challenge. A guy that’s spent 25% of my time in the past 25 years watching WinTel progress bars, or talking to “Paul in Mumbai” I’m patient. LOL. Security & Network Admin are my real things. I’ve taken the CEH class & used it every day. I’ve worked for Big 10’s, World 5’s, mom & pop’s, Small Private Colleges, done some cool stuff. Problem solving at Siemens was a hoot. Their developers were stuck in a DOS 6.22 world, wanted me to “open pipes”… ahhh NO, NEVER, EVER, don’t ask again. LOL

Hi Bartłomiej, I’m a casual passerby. I wanted to install a more up to date video editor version on Debian than I could find in Apt and thought I’d give this a try.

Nice work, thanks mate :slight_smile:

I appreciate the need to leave DOS 6.22 behind - a kind of “progress” thing - but some very effective programs written for that era have not yet been replaced, in my amateur opinion. My contact with Flathub results from my need to get back to two DOS programs and expecting DOSbox-X to help get there aided by Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Quick Setup procedure resulted in the message “ERROR: ‘~alexlarson’ user or team does not exist”, while adding a new repository. Hence my appeal for help on this forum. I built the trolley on which my desktop computer stands, but I don’t tinker with the bits and bytes under the hood. The favoured software is SciMate and Framework IV. SciMate particularly makes document filing so easy. Its post-DOS successor, ProCite, is SO clunky. I’m old enough to enjoy living in the past.
I like the vibe on this site.

Hi all,

Long time Linux user/gamer. Started using Flatpaks recently and really enjoying it’s ease of use.

Hello i want to add/maintain Raze

Hi Bartłomiej,
Hank here. Thanks for your efforts with Flathub, Arch and GNOME. (Debian user here, but I know we benefit form the Arch community, particularly the documentation. At the moment I’m torn between GNOME and KDE, but that’s a story for another time and place.)

I’m having a go with the Firefox flatpak as an alternative to installing from Mozilla directly. I’m moving most of my comments to their own thread. I’ll return and link that.


Hi everyone,

I am involved with the old-school 4X FOSS game freeorion and currently looking to expand our use of flatpak/flathub to make it possible for more people to join us in gaming.

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Hello! I’m a Win 10 user, but familiar with Unix/Linux, just not so proficient. Flatpak is new to me and even more lost when they don’t function as expected, so I’m attempting to learn more about the ecosystem : )

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Hello everyone… I’m an avid user of MX-Linux 21 and just installed MX-Linux23. I left Windows a few years ago and I’m still learning new things in Linux, looking forward to new Flatpak applications. Recently I installed Kiwix Flatpak and I have added several Wiki Subjects to my new Pedia files, with off-line access.
I’d like submit a Question involving an Application in MX-Linux23 under MX-Tools. It’s called “Snapshot” I’ve used it several times in MX-Linux21 to Backup my HDD. I select the files I want to Backup and the app copies them an external 2TB HDD. I have a concern about including the Kiwix Flatpak Library on the Snapshot…? As I have no idea where the .zim files are kept…? If anyone knows how I could include Kiwix on my Snapshot Please by all means let me know, hoping to hear from knowledgeable people, Thanks…! =)

No idea, what a .zim file is, but if that application behaves, it should be in your user folder. Otherwise you might want to check .var

Thank you razzeee…! Apparently… a .zim file is used by Kiwix program to store the info downloaded in Wikipedia file…? I’m not real sure that’s what it is but once one has downloaded Wikipedia onto your HDD one can access all the info in Wikipedia whether you’re on-line or off-line through Kiwix app…

Hello! I am a software developer, 99% linux user and love flatpaks and snaps.

Currently looking for the information what security guarantees flathub provides. If I get it right, the flathub infrastructure builds from whatever is in the flathub github repo. How do I know what was in the repo at the time of build? E.g. flatpak info org.signal.Signal references some commits which I can not find a fitting repo for (i guess that is some flathub build commit?); The subject is ‘Update signal-desktop.deb to 6.34.0 (2ba12be1)’. If I trust flathub and its infrastructure - can I be sure that 2ba12be1 is the revision used from the GitHub - flathub/org.signal.Signal ?
Is the full revision string available somewhere?

Update signal-desktop.deb to 6.34.0 · flathub/org.signal.Signal@2ba12be · GitHub is what you’re looking for

Thank you very much for that pointer. Probably my question was ill-phrased: I wanted to know if there is a way to show/to make sure that 2ba12be10c253f5e7f7a85a00a96ba577b940126 revision was used instead (and not any 2ba12be1* revision). I also was not able to find the corresponding build on the build-server.

The build on the build server is here Flathub builds

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Thank you razzeee, the link to the build is really helpful!! I found the full commit revision in the build files :slight_smile:
But how do I find such a build/build number? Neither did I find a way to search the buildbot nor get the necessary information from the flatpak command.

You can go to Flathub builds (warning it loads very long and is not empty) search for your app and then open that app for e.g. Flathub builds

Then you can view the builds, but I don’t think there is a way to search by hash.

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Hi, I forgot to greet you all.

I am Sergio, a mostly Perl developer located in Spain and I have planned to publish some apps here.

I have already published one called JapaChar made for learning the japanese characters.

And I have other that needs some work to be polished enough to be published here, a pokemon 3rd gen save editor. (I know save editing is illegal in Japan, could that give me problems to publish here a save editor?) (Nevermind there is already at least one save editor.)

I was wondering if I am the only one who is maintaining here a Perl+GTK4 application if someone could answer that question I would be really happy. (Just hoping to be the first one)

I hope to be able to contribute something to this community and I ask your apologies in advance for all my novice in flathub mistakes.

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I’m Bernhard, developer/researcher working mostly with C++. I have been thinking about publishing on flathub; currently we are trying to self-host a flatpak app; it used to work but now it doesn’t anymore - which is why I came here. I just tried to post a question about that, but when I edited to improve some details, there was a popup message saying that the Akismet plugin has “hidden” the post… I probably should just wait for it to be reviewed and appear again? Thanks!

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Hey, I am ArchChem, the main developer of the open source app Cantara. I have published it now for more than one year on Flathub and so far my experience has been quite good! Thank you everyone!

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