Truth Social (As a flatpak)

Hi I am new to flatpak and was wondering if you could help me, my name is Jadon MacCormack.

Basically I am trying to get Truth Social made as a flatpak in Linux.

I personally am not a vocal political person but I think it would be good to have a place for little censorship.

The source code for the app is linked here:

If someone can create it and then you teach me I will maintain it, I also will reach out to Truth Social to see if they want to control the flatpak with this message:

“Hello Truth Social team, currently Truth Social is available on Linux as a flatpak. I recommend informing your developers to contact the Flathub admins to be able to take control of it and maintain it professionally.

I want to mention that I am very glad it is supported on flatpak so apple or google can’t ban it or censor the app.

Below I have listed from the flathub website how to gain access so you can be able to control it professionally.

Someone else has put my app on Flathub—what do I do?

Flathub is primarily intended as a service that is used by app developers to distribute their apps. Our goal is to give developers control of their apps and to allow them a closer relationship with their users without middlemen getting in the way. However, as part of setting up Flathub, some applications are being distributed on Flathub without the involvement of their developers. We would prefer that these applications are controlled by their authors.

If an application that belongs to you is being distributed without your involvement, please get in touch with the Flathub admins, so that we can discuss transfering ownership.

Here is the Flathub admins contact information:”

I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Sincerely, Jadon MacCormack.

If anyone wants to create it as a flatpak and maintain it and also reach out to truth social I am all for it, since I have no experience in it that would be best. But I am willing to be there for a maintainer or to help out. All I really want is to have Truth Social on my PopOS desktop lol

I recommend if you want to reach out to Truth social about it is copy and paste my quoted message to their support email and also copy and paste that same message in the developer application page, really any way to get attention.

So comment below if anyone wants to do exactly what I said, if so I would be greatly appreciated and thrilled to have this app as a flatpak!!

We shouldn’t have so much censorship, that’s a big reason why I went to Linux full time! So please if anyone agrees please take control of this and follow the game plan I laid out. Thank you tremendously!

Available to US only, sorry can’t help

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