Unable to use `flatpak info` on non-installed packages

flatpak search org.kde.krita

verifies that org.kde.krita exists, per

RokeJulianLockhart@rp69se:~> flatpak search org.kde.krita
Name         Description                               Application ID        Version       Branch       Remotes
Krita        Digital Painting, Creative Freedom        org.kde.krita         5.1.5         stable       flathub


flatpak info org.kde.krita


RokeJulianLockhart@rp69se:~> flatpak info org.kde.krita
error: org.kde.krita/*unspecified*/*unspecified* not installed

Is this expected? I’m uncertain whether to report at

flatpak info is only for installed packages. For not installed but available in repo use flatpak remote-info <repo-name> <package>.

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Thanks for that. The error should mention that.

is this error message not telling you the package is not installed?

It is. Why do you ask?

His point is, that the error message kinda tells you, that it needs to be run on something installed

No, it doesn’t. That’s an inference made by someone who aligned the dots, not something that the statement itself implies.

So the thing to do would be, to raise it at GitHub - flatpak/flatpak: Linux application sandboxing and distribution framework or implement a fix in that repo

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