Unannounced deprecation of Rust Nightly SDK

For development I often need the org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.rust-nightly.

However, the github repository was archived and therefore there has been no updates to this important SDK since May 14, 2024.

I have recently discovered this. It was most surprising as there has been no deprecation announcement or link that I can find. There is no rationale; just the fact that suddenly the users of this SDK stop receiving updates.

If lack of maintenance, or other resource limitations are to blame, then at least making some sort of public explanation would be polite; maybe somebody for the community could offer support?

Kind Regards,

The extension has been restored after bbhtt switched it to use extra-data.

I have ninja-deprecated it because I’m trying to reduce the number of the applications/extensions pushing to Flathub daily. It causes painful maintenance windows every year or so when we need to prune old builds to fit within our disk space.