Version/commit of sdk-extension


Due to a bug report I wanted to check out the version/commit of the texlive extension that is shipped by setzer ( In the directory ~/.local/share/flatpak/app/org.cvfosammmm.Setzer/current/0f8f748168c49bc676b2e9da6c8dec983ec66c2a27f023f4d5c1092a9a2d5d89/files> I could however only find the manifest of the texlive extension and in the directory /.local/share/flatpak/runtime/ I could not find nothing about the texlive extension.
So, all I could find was the manifest of the texlive extension (manifest-base-1.json in the setzer direcoty) but that is not very specific. Can anyone help me out with this issue?

you can’t check as everything is copied.

but the thing I’m sure of if that since it’s still using the 3.38 runtime, it’s 20.08 branch, whichever revision was available on the date of the rebuild.