Warnings when including unnecessary information

I recently realised that the QGIS flatpak was much bigger than I’d expected it to be. Upon closer inspection (i.e. running filelight on the app directory), I realised that there were some parts unnecessary but still there.

I was wondering if it would be possible to add some kind of checks on the CI? After all, we are already building and offering feedback to creators so some hints would be handy.


  • Notifying about a sizeable amount of headers (i.e. > 10 MiB)
  • Notifying about .a files, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think these will ever be used in production. (That was largely the problem we have in QGIS).

This is important for our users because it will make their flatpak experience lighter and as a developer I never intended to put this burden on the system.

Yeah I agree, most distro have checks to see if statics lib exist. And some add extra compile flags as well. But flatpak seems to let the packager decide freely, might be a good idea to add some warning or extra info on that.

Any idea anyone how that would be done? Maybe @barthalion?