What do releases in appdata do?

Hi everyone.
I’m quite new to flatpak and flathub, so I’m not quite clear on how everything works yet.
One thing that confuses me, for example, is the inclusion of releases in the appdata xml. Does this do anything? It would be cool if it allowed me to specify one of these versions, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the purpose

Looking forward to any explanation,
Have a nice day everyone

Hey there, no worries at all because it is a bit confusing and in fact not ideally connected. Releases in appdata don’t in fact ‘do’ anything sadly. They’re for informational use in software centers currently but that information is obviously important.

You can specify versions of a flatpak in moderately arcane command line ways but those will not necessarily be related to the underlying ‘release version’ (which is actually an ostree commit if you want to dig deeper) although since they’re changing the artifact that you have and run they are just as much a release as anything else.