A reccuring problem: "Job failed: InternalError"

Hello Flathub team,

I need your help. I’m trying to push an update to “beta” channel, but the build always fails in “Commiting builds” step with the following reason:

Job failed: InternalError
error: fsck content object Couldn't find file object

I tried several re-builds but all of them failed with the similar error.

Build: Flathub builds

I had the same issue doing the previous update but it was somehow resolved. The same situation occurs once again. The problem is only with updating from “beta” branch.

I would be grateful for your help.

I notified @barthalion about this yesterday. They are on holiday, so you might have to wait till next week.

The Flathub repo was pruned recently as it was running out of space. Apparently the pruning dropped some objects, accidentally.

Thank you for looking into this and taking the time to explain. I will wait.

I reimported some objects from a local-ish build and started a new beta build for it here: Flathub builds

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Thanks a lot. The build was successful. I just published the update.

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