Add aplication to fav list on flathub

Hi like in subject, can you add little heart icon white color, who after click change color to red close install button, and example wine will be added to user favorite application on Fathub? Then if you login you can create your fav list and not write all apps one by one only choice it from list. Thanks! Or star icon same like on github.

See Add a user collection by razzeee · Pull Request #1241 · flathub/website · GitHub

Hi thanks for info i rly happy someone pull that request, if i can sugest something?
Can flathub generate terminal command using multi flatpak instalation, If all flatpak have little radio box to check, example in corner, can user check more then one application then botom site will be text box with code for install it together, same like when you use multi-instalation on ninite site with windows exe.
But for us all comandline from choisen app will be added to one text box easy to copy and paste in terminal, example,

flatpak install flathub org.deluge_torrent.deluge; flathub org.pydpainter.PyDPainter; etc.

, ; && or || not mater someone can choice what will be best. Still you must press accept installation yes or no but one long code will be just time saver. Im not sure only flatpak can be installed using multiple arguments. Or we mast install it one by one…

Then when you choice radio box application for install will be added to comandline text box to copy for multi install.
This is only sugestion but will be nice if you want install example 10+ apps in one time… Then you just copy one long command and aplication will be install one by one like from normal repo.