Add Gnuclad if possible

Project information:
Gnuclad is a CLI utility that can create cladograms when you feed it a CSV file. Cladograms show “family trees” while also taking into account the timeline. Example outputs created with gnuclad:

As this is a CLI program it’s not a great fit with Flatpak at first glance, however it seems that there are NO binaries of this program. AFAIK, only NixOS has it in their repo. Hence, anyone else would need to compile it themselves. Flatpak could make it much easier while being distro-agnostic.

Name: gnuclad
License: GPL v3
Upstream has been contacted: no

A binary is downloadable via this link:

Thank you, you’re right. But it’s only a Debian package, so I think a Flatpak (or Snap) still has merit to make it available to all distros.

gnuclad submission in progress Add net.launchpad.Gnuclad (second try) by eylenburg · Pull Request #3950 · flathub/flathub · GitHub

Very good, let’s hope this gets approved soon

Still not on Flathub?

it is now. GitHub - flathub/net.launchpad.Gnuclad

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