Adding plugs to Flatpak version of Evolution - Can it be done

Just installed newest flatpak version of Evolution on Linux Mint. It worked great, came with about 10 plugins pre-installed. But there are others I don’t have that can be installed in Ubuntu with the apt-get command, but I don’t know if you can mix and match like that. Am I stuck with the plugs that came shipped with the flatpak?

Thank you

Although I havn’t tried, it seems very unlikely that regular Mint plugins can be used in flatpak. When I checked, it seems that the plugins contains compiled code in .so libraries. Such libraries have lot’s of runtime links, and these are different in the flatpak sandbox.

In the end, any attempt to load a regular Mint plugin in a flatpak’ed evolution will thus fail, hopefully with some “Cannot load dynamic library” message.

Distro installed software can’t be seen from inside a Flatpak sandbox. So no, it won’t work.

I could open an issue

Don’t forget to mention which plugins you miss.