Addon has not been published

Hello Flathub team,

I encountered the following problem when publishing an updated Add-ons.

I made a mistake and published the Add-ons without metadata. Because of this error, Add-ons disappeared from flatpak search and from the Flathub website. To fix the problem, I published a new update with the correct metadata. I pushed this new identical update to both “stable” and “beta” channel. According to, both add-ons have been successfully published in “stable” and “beta” versions.

Now the situation is that the “beta” is updated (no problem here), but on “stable” the application is still not discoverable. I don’t know what to do. I would appreciate any help.

Problematic Add-ons:

The problem has been resolved :tada: I guess I had to be more patient and just wait. Thank you Flatpak team for your work.

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