Alexandria - book reader and Cozy - Listen audio book app, error 404

Hi like in subject i just report this apps give me error 404 when i click box.

I think hyperlink have error, becouse LINK open in new tab works normal.

Miniature clicked on flathub give 404 error.

Can anyone check this? Thanks!


“Cozy - Listen to audio books” App have egsacly same problem. Click 404 / open in new tab OK.

I can confirm the problem, affecting also to other applications like:

If you click the link above, the page opens normally. When you click the link on it displays the 404 error.

Hi just now i edit subject i find Cozy app also have same problem then i think someone who add app make mistake in hyperlink. can You check Cozy app for me also? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think good solution for this will be script who check error in hyperlink when app will be added to flatpak some type of form with marker ok or error. Or if all work in tabs then can setup all hyperlink open in new tab. Even better coz you not need back to list of apps and refresh page then looking some app again from start.

Aplication “Dialect” also 404. Open in new window or tab work.

It’s a long known cache problem

Hi if all know then no more report from me, i have hope will be repaired :slight_smile: