Allow for automatic synchronisation between flathub and flathub-beta

One of the greatest aspects of the Snap daemon is that I can choose to have all of my software install from the most recent “track”/channel (of which four are default: “stable”, “beta”, “candidate”, and “edge”, which have been ordered as descending stability but ascending newness from right-to-left) using a flag such as --channel=latest/edge during invocation of installation. I am greatly desiring that this functionality be replicated by configuring an order of stability and newness for repositories, so that I shall be able to, in a script, state that one application that is packaged as Flatpak shall be downloaded primarily from or, but if not available, shall install from or, if also not available there,

This obviously may require co-operation from the developmental team of Flatpak, but I am quite certain that this can be addressed, shall allow much better automation for developers, and shall rid me of the last reason for me to bother to use Snap again.

If I am informed that this is not already possible, I shall create an issue at for it, unless I am convinced that this should not be added.

This should somewhat remediate Flathub beta is storing old versions of software.

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